Monday, 31 August 2015

... Christmas Crafting

I know it's still only August and the C word should be banned until December but I realised that in order to get anything made between now and the big day I at least need to start putting a plan together now or nothing will get done.

I will confess that I am a full on Christmas lover, I try and have a different theme each year, poor old hubby just sits back with a bemused look on his face while I get myself in a tizzy over whatever is this years big idea.  Last year drying orange slices featured quite heavily with varying results but beautiful smells around the house and I might have to have another go this year because I didn't feel like I quite nailed it.

We rented a cottage last year and spent the 23rd of December going round all the charity shops in the area to try and find a Christmas tree and ended up with this beauty for a fiver, it was returned to another charity shop on our departure, that to me is proper recycling.  The " magnificent"star was made from a few twigs collected from the back garden of the cottage.  I sewed a few decorations from kits which I brought with us, I tried to keep it simple using things like wooden star shaped gift tags instead of baubles and used ribbon and raffia to fill some of the gaps.

So all in all I like Christmas and I like making things so I was looking for a Facebook group to join that combined the two and couldn't find one so I created my own Christmas crafting  the aim is for it to be a place where crafters can share their makes, ideas, get inspiration, ask for help, give support or take it to wherever the group want to go. If this sounds like something that you would like to be part of come and join us.

Do you know of any similar Christmas crafting groups?

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