Monday, 24 August 2015

... my walkaway dress

I finally finished my walkaway dress, but I am rather disappointed with the end result.
Walking away from my walkaway dress

Once again I don't think I cut the right size, as I started assembling the dress it became apparent that the waist line was far too low so I took an inch or so out at the shoulders to lift it up and it seemed to have worked.  However, when I attached the bias binding the already wide neck it  has moved out and is both wide and baggy.
Baggy neckline in need of help

The under arm area gapes and is exposing quite a bit of bra, I was experimenting with the use of safety pins as a means of holding things in place and that sorted out the underarm issue to an acceptable degree, but the neckline has me flummoxed and I would be grateful for any suggestions on a remedy, quick fix or alternative ideas.  I don't think the fit issues are helped by the design of the dress, the back has the full weight of the circle skirt so it has a natural tendency to pull towards the back which kind of disturbs the balance of the overall garment.
side view of the gaping arm area

I do love the floaty full skirt and I am so please that the fabric drapes exactly as I had imagined when I chose it . The other thing I loved about this project was making the bias binding, but because it was my first attempt and a bit uneven I chose to hand sew it and I don't know if that added to the problems around the neckline?

 So ultimately I have mixed feelings at the end of this, I don't know if I should try and convert it to a walkaway skirt or brave it out and wear it as it is, I do have a nice cardigan I could put over the top!

I have to turn this around pretty quickly as we are on count down for the Goodwood Revival, its only a couple of weeks away now!

Sadly this was my first vintage make for 2015 vintage sewing pattern pledge I don't think that the pattern being vintage has anything to do with my woes, however the instructions were rather brief compared to what I am used to.


Whatever your ideas and thoughts are on this please leave me a comment I need help and inspiration in the bucket load.


  1. Sandra, I'm just watching The Great British Sewing Bee, where this dress was one of the challenges. In it someone actually stretched the neckline when putting on the binding. Maybe this is what you've done. I just wonder whether your adjustment to the shoulder has changed the fit of the dress? It looks like it's pulled up at the front by the exact measurement that you've adjusted it for. (And it's easy for me to see this, but I don't always pick up my own errors!) It's disappointing when things don't go as we planned. I always think when things don't go right with a pattern that it's a good idea to do it again, it usually comes together more quickly.

  2. Sandra D glad you are enjoying the GBSB, they make it look all so easy and quick!

    I posted this on a couple of sewing Facebook groups and there have been quite a few suggestions for remedies. I am going to start by removing the bias binding and try again but the advice is to stretch the bias and not the neckline so fingers crossed that will do the trick.