Monday, 18 May 2015

......Planning a sewing wardrobe

If like me you love a good nose around sewing blogs you will probably be aware of the Me Made May #mmmay15 started by so zo,,,what do you know  you make a pledge and wear clothes and accessories made by yourself through out the month of May.  I have enormous respect for those who are participating and I was very tempted to join in this challenge but as I only have the dress I completed the other week and a skirt I made last summer there was not enough me made to go around. However, this got me thinking that I should start planning now so that next year I can be a full participant.

Having indulged in fabric in the last couple of weeks and having grabbed some cut price patterns in the recent Simplicity promotion I am awash with sewing plans at the moment and have at least 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 things in my head that I am considering making, however, this new train of thought is making me take a more considered approach.

My current plan before considering MMM

  • summer dress - New Look 2373
  • sleeveless top -possibly 2 - pattern(s) to be decided 
  • retro blouse - Simplicity 1692
  • tea dress - red with white pin dots - New Look 6183 or 6093
  • 40's style fuller than A line but not circle skirt - pattern to be found

Reviewing my clothing needs I work 5 days but we have dress down Friday so I only need enough "work" clothes for 4 days and enough "casual" clothes for Friday at work and for the weekend.   As far as work clothes go I am fortunate that we don't have a very formal dress code, I already have the dress I made in my sewing class so I think another dress and a skirts or maybe 2 would cover that as I can wear the skirts with tops I already have, although my current sewing plans already involve at least two tops.

I think the casual clothing could be more of a challenge, I tend to live in either jeans or ski pants so it will be tops and tunics all the way. I have an unfinish tunic top that I just need to give a bit of time to so two more tops should give me a bear minimum to cover the week.  I also have a nearly finished cardigan that could help matters, maybe I need to explore all my unfinished projects to see what other treasure there might be.

Of my original plan I think the tea dress and the two tops would fit into my "considered" plans, the summer dress I want to make for my holidays in about 4 weeks time so I really need to crack on with that, hopefully I will get sometime this weekend, so all in all I think I am on the right tracks .

What do you think would that be enough to get me through 31 days?  If you are taking part in Me Made May please feel free to leave a link to your blog I would love to take a peek and get some inspiration

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