Thursday, 28 May 2015

...organising my sewing kit

Since I started sewing I have found that it involves an awful lot of kit, here are some of the ways I have found to try and keep things organised

  • When I cut out a pattern I pop a sticker on the front to show what garment or view I have used and also the size, this means I can see all this at a glance rather than having to pull out pattern pieces to work things out.

  • I have started to "bulk"  buy my zips from e bay, it often works out at less than 50p per zip if you buy 10. I keep them in a see through zip lock bags and put a note on to show the length and most importantly the type of zip that is in there.  We all know about me and zip fear without adding any other complications!

  • When I was attending my sewing class I also used a zip lock bag to keep my thread, my bobbin and the zip together in my bag. So when I started my next project I did the same thing so that I knew I had everything I needed before I started the project.

  • Using a sharpie I have marked 0.5cm increments on my sewing machine to try and  make it easier to keep sewing in a straight line at the correct seam allowance.

Please share if you have any tips that make your sewing life a little easier? or if you have tried any of these tips already, do they make a difference?


  1. I do something similar. Once I have decided on a pattern and fabric, I cut off a snippet and take with me to buy thread and a zip or any other notions I might need. I then put the "kit" in a box ready to go when I have some time. For the seam allowances on the machine I run a strip of masking tape along the one I need for a particular project.

  2. Oh I like that tip with the masking tape I might steal that one :)