Wednesday, 13 May 2015

... buying my first vintage pattern


I love the idea of making up a vintage pattern and I have been keeping an eye open for something simple and affordable and this seemed to tick both boxes.  I am happy to say this little beauty dropped through the letterbox this morning, courtesy of a late night rummage on e-bay.

 As with all vintage patterns it does not have the sizing flexibility of a modern multi sized patterns but I am hoping that won't be a problem! I brought this size to accommodate my matronly bussom, however, I don't know if the pattern will cope with my overfed waist line, I learnt in my sewing class that you can reduce your seam allowance eg instead of sewing 1.5cm you sew 1cm and you gain 2cm over both seams so that will give me a little extra to play with,   As this is something of an experiment I have an old sheet that I will use to make a mock up before going for it.

Of course now I need some fabulous vintage fabric to make it up in, so it could be sometime before I get to share a finished dress with you.

In with all the pattern pieces and the very brief instructions was this flyer for sewing kits, they appear to be ready cut out garments that you just have to sew up.  Part of me quite likes the idea as it adds an element of convenience to the sewing process but when I make something I love that I get to choose the pattern and the fabric as well as being able to add my own personal touches.

I would love to hear of your vintage sewing pattern experiences or if you have made up a sewing kit


  1. Great looking dress pattern and it has pockets. Always a win. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm making the pouches to try and conquer my own fear of zips. I think I'm getting better at it.....slowly!

  2. I am hoping that if I do enough something will click :)