Monday, 10 April 2017

Pom Pom garland for Easter

Woo hoo I have completed my first make to take away with us for our Easter break.

I hasten to add this will be my first and only make this Easter, I had a miserable cold last week so I am playing catch up this week.  It was simple and quick to make and is very suitable for getting the children involved with.

I made about a dozen pom poms using orange and yellow cotton yarn, that I have had for quite a while, they came from Lidl about 3 years ago when they had a sale day, a bit of a bargain at only 50p for 4 balls of yarn!   A combination of single shades and some mixed colours along with a few different sized in pom poms stops it being too uniform.  I left long strings when I tied the pom poms off and then tied these together to make the string I tried adding tassels over the joining knots but it just looked a little bit odd so I decided to embrace the honesty of them and let them show.  I will see what it looks like in situ and adjust the spacings accordingly.

I used a pom pom making kit like this one from Hobbycraft. I know how easy it is to cut out a couple of circles out of a cornflake box and do it the old fashioned way but this kit really does help to make it fast and they are reusable.  There is also a method on Pinterest using a fork that I have not tried yet.

Although it is fairly short ( I plan to hang it on the mantlepiece providing it doesn't cause a fire hazard) it is incredibly easy to get tangled up on itself so I have utilised my Mothers day card to wind it round and secured each end with a dob of washi tape.

I am happy with the end result and think it will add a  nice splash of Easter colour to our rented holiday apartment.

I wondered if anyone has tried making pom poms using "the fork method"? or are you a fan of the pom pom making kits?

Happy Easter to you all I hope you get lots of treats and remember they have no calories if you eat them in your PJs :)


  1. Happy East Sandra, to you and your family.

    1. Thanks Sandra I hope you and your family had a good one.