Saturday, 25 February 2017

Steam trains, street art and the perfect Sunday roast

Day 2 of our mini break and we were once again blessed with glorious weather, yes the wooly hat was still needed but there was definite feeling that Spring is just round the corner. Hubby and I went off for for an adventure by ourselves.

We took a short drive to Holt and picked up a steam train on the North Norfolk Railway to take us into Sheringham. It is a lovely little journey cutting through beautiful open countryside.

On our arrival at Sheringham we were surprised to see that a footbridge had been put in over the rails, for years there has been a footpath.

It provided a great vantage point to click a few snaps and gave a birds eye view into the cab. I did hot foot it out of there pretty quick as the smoke was quite overwhelming.  It is great to see the progress that this little enterprise is making, they have also extended the cafe. The municipal toilet block from the 1930s has been demolished and there is now a shiny new souvenir shop, tourist information centre and new loos.

We took a stroll down the high street to the beach, the tide was in and the waves were lapping the shore.

There are some fabulous street murals and I loved this one, it reminded me of my Mum taking photos with her old box brownie when we were small. The irony of a middle aged woman taking a photo of a picture of a middle aged woman taking a photo was not lost on me.

This is part of a mural that was new for 2016, it is really draws you in and my photo does not do it justice.

Further along the beach front is this poignant reminder of the debt we owe to the generations that went  before us and that we should remember them through out the year and not just on a Sunday in November, so many made the ultimate sacrifice.

We grabbed a quick cuppa and then it was back to Holt on the steam train, I love the perspective that the glimpse down the virtually empty coaches ( we were among the first ones on for the return journey).

There was a brief stop at Weybourne as the track from here to Holt is single track and you have to wait for permission to enter.

 At Holt we watched as the engine was detached from the coaches chuffed it's way up the track, the points switched and it chuffed its way back again so it could be put at the front of the coaches ready for the return journey.

There was plenty of day left so we shot up the coast to Cromer, after all it wouldn't be a trip to the Norfolk coast for us without a walk on the prom at Cromer

They serve a cracking hot chocolate in the cafe attached to the theatre which was very welcome as the temperature was starting to drop.

There were people fishing of the side of the pier with mixed results

And it was nice to see some Cromer crabs, these were too small for eating but provided some fun the people who caught them.

I love the lines of barrier around the pier, it is reminiscent of a ship and fits with my love of things that are both practical and stylish.

The seagulls went crazy when someone threw the end of their chips over the side, I was snapping away like mad to try and capture the volume of birds and the frenzied activity that followed.

One last Cromer crab photo, I spotted this on little cottage door just off the front and thought it was very fitting.

A nice drive back to Wells Next the Sea along the coast road rounded our Sunday off and we got back in time to help with baby Esme's feed before they set off for home.  Hubby and I enjoyed the last night by treated ourselves to a meal in The Bowling Green pub, they were offering a roast beef dinner and they served possibly the best roast potatoes I have ever tasted.  It was the perfect end to our very busy day.

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