Sunday, 26 February 2017

Boats, beach huts and bark

Monday morning and we had to vacate our holiday cottage by 10 o'clock, we loaded up the car (I always bring everything including the kitchen sink!) and headed out for breakfast.  It was the sunniest day of the weekend so we decided to head back down to the beach at Wells next the sea.  

I somehow managed to change a setting on my little camera and it resulted in some cropped photos with some interesting effects, I hope you enjoy them.

These snaps of the boats in the harbour have a lovely vintage feel to them

The beach huts got a variety of treatments, I particularly like the "sketch"

And we had a ramble round the woods at the back of the beach, I was fascinated by the pieces of tree that laying around in various states of decay

We headed home, batteries recharged, cobwebs blown away, ready to face the week ahead. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and certainly tried to make the most of it.

We love a little weekend away but do always seem to come back here to North Norfolk or head South to St Ives, we are located in the middle of the country so I am open to suggestions for new locations.

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