Thursday, 21 July 2016

Matchbox make over - 50 makes for Christmas 5/50

The Washi tapes were out for the T light up-cycle so it seemed like a good idea to do this little make at the same time.
Matchbox makeover

I was inspired by this post for chalkboard style personalised matchboxes that I saw on Pinterest from Lia Griffith's blog, I know nothing like what I have done! This required sticky labels that I don't have and as I am trying to use up things that I already I have opted for the Washi tape; plus they co-ordinate with the up-cycled T lights.
T lights and matches for Christmas

I started with the red tape on the ends as this is a little thinner and I wanted to make sure that the "mechanism" of opening and closing the box is not impeded by applying the tape.
Using red Washi tape on the end

I applied the Grey tape to the body of the box, unfortunately the design does allow the original print to show through a little.
Grey Snowflake tape 
In an attempt to disguise this and to give it a little definition I put some of the red tape on to make it look like a gift box tied up with ribbon.
Looking like a gift wrapped box
They will be going inside the Bonne Maman jam jar along with the T lights to be part of someone's Christmas gift but I think I will be making one for myself too.
Bonne Maman Jam Jar to Christmas gift
As with the T lights this is not restricted to being a Christmas project and would look just as nice with some vibrant summer colours and could be handy for lighting the BBQ, you are only limited by your imagination and your craft supplies!

So that is 5 makes out of my 50 makes for Christmas done or 10% already completed.  I like this long approach to getting things done, it means I can give my attention to some of the things that wouldn't necessarily get done in the rush to the big day.