Sunday, 24 January 2016

Free make 2 - Vintage Sewing pattern displays

With my thrifty January head on I was looking round for more projects that I could complete without having to spend any money.  I remembered some photo frame I had brought from poundland in the summer and wanted to fill them with a sewing related display so hit on the idea of displaying a couple of my vintage sewing patterns in them.

vintage sewing pattern

I don't have a vast collection of vintage patterns, in fact this represents two thirds of my whole collection!  The patterns are narrower than the width of the frames so I have inserted a small off cut of fabric down the side to fill the gap and also to represent a possible fabric to use for the the pattern.  I like this idea as it gives you a good visualisation of how a finished garment may look and I might adopt this for future sewing projects.

 tea bag distrsesed frame

I was concerned that the frames looked very white against the aged paper of the patterns so I tried to distress one of the frames with a used tea bag, I am not convinced it is a good effort and looks more like I have split my tea so I will probably wipe it all off.  I am sure that there are products out there that I could buy to achieve a distressed or aged effect, however, I am trying to use what I have available.

displaying vintage sewing patterns

My original intentions for these frames was to to remove the glass and replace it with cork sheeting so that I can use them as mini notice boards to pin up our tickets and mementos from out days out, so at some point these will be re-purposed.

I am calling this another January free make as this was all things I already had in but I would estimate the cost at no more that 5 or 10 pounds depending very much on the cost of the vintage patterns you use for your display.

Thanks for popping by and please share if you have any no cost ideas for aging the frames.


  1. Cool idea as I have quite a few vintage patterns!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I think the illustrations are just so lovely on old patterns

  2. They look great Sandra. The old illustrations are just lovely.

    1. Thanks Sandra D, they are just too nice to keep tucked away :)