Thursday, 1 October 2015

.. sewing 30 minutes a day in October

I posted last month about the 30 minute sewing challenge but couldn't commit to taking part as in September so I deferred it until October. Well here we are on the 1st October so I am going to try and sew every day of the month for at least 30 minutes!
Vintage thread box

My first thought is to cut some felt I have brought for making Christmas decorations.  These are mostly hand sewn and are small enough to fit into a corner of my voluminous handbag for the days when I am not at home.

I do have  a couple of unfinished projects that I will probably tackle as it would be nice at the end of the month to have some thing to wear.
Unfinished sewing project

I don't actually know how much I could get done in 30 minutes, if you follow this blog you will have realised that I am not a fast sewer and I am easily distracted!
Oh look buttons, see very easily distracted

I have started a Pinterest board 30 minute sewing challenge with ideas of things that in theory can be made in 30 minutes.  There are quite a few small items that would work well as Christmas gifts so I may use this as an opportunity to make a start on my Christmas list.

My local Facebook sewing group are supporting this initiative and we are planning to do a weekly check in so I will keep you up to date with what I have achieved and pass on any great ideas from the group.

If you want to join in just comment below or if you have just finished your month of sewing share your makes and experiences with us.


  1. Good luck with this, look forward to seeing your creations.