Friday, 16 October 2015

...a Pumpkin adventure

When shopping in Morrisons last week I spotted medium sized pumpkins on sale for only 50p!  not bad value when I can make a big pot of pumkin soup and have fun carving a pumpkin face.

The pumpkin face is of the traditional variety with the obligatory toothy smile.  A look round Pinterest offered plenty of advice on what you should do to preserve your pumpkin once it has been carved, they include

  • soak in bleach solution 1tbsp to 1 gallon water over night
  • rub carved edges with petroleum jelly (vaseline)
  • PVA glue spread around the inside
  • Special pumpkin preservation spray ( I think this might be USA only)

I found this link really interesting as it  does a comparison of the various methods.  I have gone for a quick dunk in a bleach solution and a then left it to dry, I actually don't mind that it will start to decay as I think that will add to the ghoulish festival that is Halloween.

I made my soup based on a recipe from Country Living magazine pumpkin and bacon soup as always I didn't stick exactly to the recipe. I used chopped lardons instead of bacon, I used more pumpkin as I mis-read the quantity (oops). I omitted the cream, the sage and the Stilton on cost grounds.  Because I had added more pumpkin I also added some extra stock, a bit too much unfortunately so when I blended it I tried to not include too much liquid, however it is not as thick as I would have liked and I am not keen of the texture.  The overall flavour is of the bacon and it works well with a thick slice of wholemeal toast, but I do feel that the seasoning is not quite right, probably as a result of me messing about with it, I will try and tweek that.

In the interest of clarity Morrisons have no idea that they got a mention here today and 50p was not paid to me.

Have you made any soup recently? I am always interested in new recipes so please share your favourites.

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